Thursday, May 19, 2011

Late Breeding Means Short Old Bird Season

I had a terrible breeding season.  Not sure exactly why - perhaps the bitterly cold winter over came my tricking them into thinking its Spring with extra morning and evening lighting.  At any rate - I really needed all of those late hatches for the Young Bird Team and didn't want to risk losing any feeders so I stayed out the first 5 races.  Combined with the terrible weather - I am just now getting the birds out 42 miles.  They've done that twice and have been loft flying in the evenings since March so they're in fairly good condition - though the older cocks are a bit heavy.  They switched the 165 with a 300 so I had to lay out yet another race.  I hope to get them a 100 mile training drop before going to their first OB race of 225 miles.