Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good 225 mile Race - time for meds

This was the build up to the 500 mile race from the Gulf.  19 of 21 came in the first day (2 fast ones, 11 on time and 6 stragglers).  The other two were waiting on me when I came out this morning.  I'm racing the old birds out of the breeding loft so I gave the breeders baths yesterday morning and gave the racers baths today.  Then fed them extra raw Spanish peanuts and gave them the VitaiKing 5-1 treatment mixed with 1/2 strength Lime Gatorade.  As far as I know, they only make the powdered Gatorade in two flavors: orange and lime.  Using just meds - they barely touch the water.  By mixing it with orange - they seem to drink more.  After trying lime, I was shocked at how much they drank.  In fact, the 3 week old squabs looked like water balloons.  I wondered if they were pestering their parents for more Gatorade? 

Friday, May 28, 2010

Old bird race from Athens Alabama tomorrow

I hope the weather is better than they say.  My '08's have been to Athens so many times, it ought to be like a (225 mile) training drop for them.  I have 13 (of 21) that come in pretty much right-on-time (although usually 8-20 minutes behind the winners).  Since it is my only my 3rd season racing and only my 2nd old bird season, I am used to the unpredictability of young birds.  The consistency of the old birds is nice - less worrisome (except when they're late and you know something must be wrong).  Next week is a 500 mile race.  It will be my first past 300 miles - or should I say THEIR first past 300 miles.  Who to send? 

Well, cross your fingers and wish us luck!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Late Hatch Strays 100 miles off course

I got a call from a lady in Carbondale, IL who found my '09 late hatch #376.  She said the bird was pretty tired and very tame.  She flew up on the kitchen window to get their attention and then when her husband came outside, she landed on his shoulder.  They reported a lot of hawk activity.  That sounds pretty similar to the way they behave when they are stressed by a hawk and trying to get MY attention (except they have never landed on my shoulder). 

I guess I'll pick her up Saturday although it sounds like she's really become a pet to them.  They are hand feeding her and keeping her inside in a cockatiel cage (and covered her at night).  Wow!  She definitely won't want to leave.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Today, training stops here

I was hoping to get them out 12 miles to the river bottoms this morning (where I believe the break point is) but had to stop 5 miles short due to high water.  This is my tiny old bird team.  Down from 28 to 23 after dropping some late hatches and a couple others on a tough 225 mile race this weekend.  They are going to a combine with another club this weekend.  300 miles.  Looks like a tough race too.