Thursday, June 17, 2010

Worst Training Drop Weather EVER!

The weather forecasts have been wildly off lately.  I can't rely on the nightly forecast for an early morning drop.  I had forgotten that.  I was 25 miles south when I noticed a dark patch of clouds to my right (which would be between the drop and my house) that looked like it had rain coming down.  I noticed a strange easterly wind when I left.  Not good.  As I approached the 42 mile training drop (a common twice weekly drop during racing season for them) I noticed the strangest cloud formations I have ever seen in my life!  It looked like silk sheets or frozen water waves.  The definition was so sharp - not cloud-like at all.  As I left the drop, I saw a guy pulled over, out of his car, staring at the clouds (see - it wasn't just me!)
Anyway, to make things worse, just as I opened the baskets, it started sprinkling.  Then I heard thunder.  As I drove off, it was raining.  Then clear, then rain again.  After 20 minutes, it was fine.  Honestly, they are 2 years olds (mostly) and I'm not worried.  Still, I have never trained in weather any where near as bad as that.  I wish I had set up my clock to see when they get in.